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Sunday04 June 2023

Company Overview

UNICARBON®, a division of BRAČA-SPORT®, is a world's leading manufacturer of lightweight unidirectional carbon reinforcements. We develop, manufacture and market ultra light high performance unidirectional dry and pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fabrics, used by manufacturers of advanced Automotive, Ultralight Aircraft, Construction, Energy, Marine, Sports and Recreation applications and products.    

We focus on development of innovative solutions to enable our clients to further expand their design capabilities and the creation of innovative advanced products. UNICARBON®’s unique  tow spreading technology have revolutionized the industry by engineering the production of ultra light high performance unidirectional carbon fabrics of 30 g/m2 areal weight using 12k and 50 g/m2 areal weight using 50k tows which earlier could only be produced from low 1k, 3k and 6k tows.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best value for our customers by supplying high performance products for the advance composite industry at affordable prices, with timely delivery and outstanding service. .

We serve international markets through sales offices and representatives located around the globe.